The name “Nughedu” in Sardinian means walnut grove. In fact, until the early twentieth century there were many nut trees that lined the gardens along the Rio Lichitu, in the valley just outside the village.

Monte Pirastru is located in the municipality of San Nicolò Nughedu in the province of Sassari. The territory, mainly mountainous, gives way to rolling hills crossed by the Rio Molinu. At a height of about 600 meters, in the valley formed by the river, lies the village of Nughedu San Nicolo, near Monte Acuto. The name, from the Latin “Nucetum”, evokes an area that was once rich forests of walnuts.
Currently it is still very important in terms of nature, history and landscape. To distinguish it from a village of the same name in the province of Oristano, he was added to the name “St. Nicholas”.
This urban center consists of a charming old town, where squares of aggregation alternate crossroads of streets surmounted by buildings of the end ‘800’ 900. Equally relevant historical evidence of Neolithic found in the immediate vicinity of the village.
From the gastronomic point of view, as well as tasty dishes, it is of great importance to the dish Nughedu San Nicolò, the panafittas, usually prepared with esplanades dipped in sheep broth and then seasoned with sauce and cheese seasoned.
For nature lovers, the Sughereta Monte Pirastru, is a destination of great interest. Old trees, a forest that copongono viable through the forest tracks and wide meadows at the mouth of the forest, guarantee days of nature and relax.
Of natural interest it is also the cave Sa Conca and S’Abba, small but picturesque, home to a large colony of bats duranete their hibernation period. You can be reached via exit Nughedu San Nicolò, the road towards Bultei-Bono.
On the way to Bultei is the Church of SS Cosma and Damiano. According to studies carried out on the construction techniques and the morphology of the structure, it can be dated in the late-Romanesque. The simplicity of its construction and the environment that hosts it, make your visit pleasant.
The territory is rich in archaeological sites of great importance, all within easy access and the mythical allure of an ancient island tradition, such as Domus de Janas, Houses of the fairies.
On an outcrop of rock trachytic, surrounded by picturesque cork and boulders, is the prehistoric Necropolis of Sa Domo and Pudda, comprising 2 Domus de Janas. The area is equipped with picnic tables and a fountain.
Equally interesting has the Prehistoric Necropolis of S’istria, dug into a rocky ridge trachitica, it has recently been enhanced by the use of its 4 Domus de Janas.
In town Sas concheddas Pianu de Edras, dug into a ridge, this rate of trachytic tuff, there are 6 Domus de Janas of Necropolis of Prehistoric Pianu Edras, among which we note the Domus Chapels.
A short walk from the accommodation Monte Pirastru, Nughedu entrance of St. Nicholas, is the Permanent Exhibition Archaeological. Set up within the spaces of the former library. The archaeological section takes visitors through a chronological-territorial archaeological history and the territory of San Nicolò Nughedu.